Friday, February 16, 2007

How this blog came to be

I love power tools. I always have. As far back as I can remember I would hang around my grandfather's workshop nailing every piece of scrap wood he had together. I knew then one day I would have my own wood shop. Sound familiar?

But, how do you do it? What tools do you need to buy? What are the basics? Where do you buy them and most importantly, how do you choose the right power tools? There are so many choices; turquoise ones, red ones and orange ones, and don't forget the gray ones, they are the best, or was that the yellow ones...anyhow, you get it!

So that is why Matt and I decided to create this blog. We both found in our quests for the golden tool that it's really difficult to find objective information about tools. Our plan is to review, as fairly and accurately as possible, the tools we own. Tools we bought either because they were priced right or we heard good things about them. We'll tell you what we found out when we actually plugged them in.

We hope you find this tool review blog to be a valuable resource - we welcome your feedback too Thanks for reading.


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